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As a certified Zoho implementation partner, Digital Radium is on a mission to help small to medium-scale businesses improve their business productivity. In this regard, we offer expert Zoho consultation and Zoho implementation services. Our process involves supporting the client from seed to tree and training them in using Zoho products effectively. This way our clients get to utilize the full potential of Zoho solutions in their business workflow.

What distinguishes us from others is our expertise and experience. With a thorough understanding of the Zoho suite, our skilled Zoho experts can manage the implementation process with ease. Are you unsure of which Zoho product will best meet your needs? Fret not, our Certified Zoho consultants can assist you in selecting the best Zoho solutions based on your industry and company's needs.

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    Here's How Our Standard Zoho Implementation Process Works

    Consultation - Zoho Implementation


    Every business has unique needs and workflows. Our consultation involves understanding what is unique to your business and trying to break down silos. We will determine the right suite of products for your needs and the customization work that needs to be done.

    Zoho Implementation


    Based on our consulting, we will determine the licences and timeline required for the implementation. Once done, we will work on the Zoho implementation. We will migrate anything that you have in your legacy system, create custom flows, and ensure seamless implementation.

    Custom Development - zoho

    Custom Development

    Sometimes, an off-the-shelf solution cannot be the right fit for your business. Hence, if there are unique workflows in your business that requires customization of Zoho Products, we will get it done. Our Zoho Implementation Experts will work with you, Zoho support, and develop the right solution.

    Zoho Integration


    If your work involves integrations with external software or products, we can get the same done with Zoho too. Be it Zoho native or third-party solutions, we can get an off-the-shelf integration solution and build a custom integration based on your requirements.

    training -zoho partners


    Our Zoho Implementation service doesn’t stop with successful implementation. We provide comprehensive training and make sure your workforce have understood the newly implemented products. We provide various webinars, online courses, documentation, etc. that will be of help to the users.

    Zoho Support


    We value our relationships with our customers. We provide thorough support and assistance via a variety of channels, such as chat, mail, and phone, and we'll work with you to find a quick solution if you face an issue.

    Why Should You Choose Zoho Suite of Products for Your Business?

    Zoho is one of the best providers of business solutions worldwide. With 7 locations and a growing global presence, they have a large network of Zoho Implementation partners who assist with the implementation of the software for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some reasons why you should choose Zoho products for your business, 

    • Zoho makes it easy for you to run your business by providing 40-plus innovative software applications that can help you automate your business process.

    • Products from Zoho are available for managing every aspect of your business, including sales, marketing, inventory management, office communications, etc.

    • Each application can work alone and in conjunction with the others. This makes Zoho products readily available to various business aspects.
    • To make its products more accessible to business owners, Zoho offers monthly and yearly subscription plans.
    Zoho Implementation Partners

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    Product Bundles That We Have Implemented as a Successful Zoho Implementation Partner

    Zoho offers seven bundles including Zoho One, CRM Plus, People Plus, Finance Plus, Workplace, IT Management, and Marketing Plus to help businesses to manage and automate their workflow. Digital Radium has Zoho Implementation Experts who can implement these bundles with ease for your business.

    Zoho one

    Zoho One

    Zoho One is a comprehensive suite that consists of over 50 integrated business applications that can help businesses to manage their business operations from office communication to sales and marketing to HR and finance.  Zoho One allows you to add the applications that your business requires whenever you need them by using simple steps. 

    Zoho CRM Plus

    Zoho CRM Plus

    A complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Zoho CRM Plus offers companies a number of tools and features to manage their entire customer lifecycle. Numerous applications, including those for sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, and social media management, are included in the CRM Plus bundle. 

    Zoho People Plus

    Zoho People Plus

    Zoho People Plus is a human resource management bundle.  This bundle includes various Zoho applications like People, Recruit, Connect, Cliq, etc. With the help of Zoho People Plus, businesses can effectively manage their entire workforce with a comprehensive view of all of their employees. 

    Zoho Workplace


    Workplace from Zoho is yet another bundle that comes with a lot of features. As the name says, Workplace provides with application that makes office communications easier. Applications including Zoho Mail, Cliq, Connect, Writer, Sheet, Meeting, etc are available in this bundle. 

    zoho finance

    Finance Plus

    A complete set of applications to manage all the financial transactions of your business. The finance plus bundle comes with Zoho Books, Invoice, Subscriptions, Invoice, Expense, Inventory, and checkout. These applications help in essential back-office processes and help businesses handle their financial processes.

    Marketing Plus

    Marketing Plus

    The Marketing Plus bundle consists of Zoho Analytics, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Events, Website Tracking, Zoho Social Media, and Customer Surveys. These applications help business owners to unify all their marketing activities in one platform.

    What makes Digital Radium the best Zoho Implementation Company?

    Experience And Expertise

    Experience And Expertise

    Digital Radium has extensive experience and expertise in implementing Zoho solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world. With a team of Zoho experts, we can assist businesses in making the most of the software tools available from Zoho to accomplish their goals

    Customer-Centric Approach

    Customer-Centric Approach

    We take a customer-specific approach to every Zoho Implementation project, we work closely with our customers to understand their business needs and goals and help them in implementing the right Zoho product for their business.

    End-to-End Services

    End-to-End Services

    We cover every aspect of the project, from consultation to choosing the right Zoho product, customization to data integration, migration, training, maintenance, and support, ensuring that our customers achieve their deserved results.

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