Top-Notch Mobile App Development in St. Louis

Get an app that accentuates your business in multiple dimensions. You may have many ideas for your business but you need a good mobile app development partner that understands your requirements and brings your ideas to life. Apps are the identity of a business today and we want your identity to take up space in the minds of your customers. We make it happen with our profound experience and proficient mobile app developers.

We strive to deliver apps that boost your business, efficiency and capital. The apps we build go through intense testing so what we deliver to you is the best app that has high scalability and functionality.

Mobile App Development Company in St. Louis

Giving a digital life to your business with our mobile app development services.

The growth of your business lies in the fingertips of the app users. We ensure that your target audience will love your product, and with our expertise in mobile app development solutions we’ve never failed.

iOS App Development

With abundant knowledge and experience in following all the guidelines of Apple, our native app developers for iOS have developed apps for both iPhones and iPads for award winning startups and large enterprises. We also develop iOS apps using cross platform technologies.

Android App Development

We have developed several Android apps using native and cross-platform technologies such as Ionic, React Native & Kotlin. We follow the best practices of Android development and consistently produce intuitive apps exceeding clients expectations.

Cross-Platform App Development

Many enterprises moving towards maintaining single code-base and the availability of modern tools encourages organizations to adopt cross-platform apps. Digital Radium has highly skilled cross-platform app developers with skills such as React Native, Flutter & Ionic.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Analyse and Ideate

Understanding Your
Business Needs

Extensive Research

Ideating a Solution
With a Timeline

Analyse and Ideate

Low to Medium
Fidelity Mockups

Intuitive Design


We work with app stores and make the necessary fixes to ensure the apps are submitted to the app stores.


Our approach is to understand all the pain points of our clients and deliver an app that negates them all.

Creative and trendsetters

With a creative design team that understands the impact of design on users’ mind, we always set benchmarks.

With you through the journey

Our clients are also our friends and we do what every friend does; be there when you need and watch your business soar.

Responsible and accountable

We take responsibility and accountability for all our actions. We are professional in all terms and you can trust us with it.

Reimagine Your Business and Its Worth With Our A1 Mobile Application Development Services in St. Louis

Delivering apps that enhances your business and brings in more ROI.

Industries We Serve

Digital Radium - One Place for All Industries

We have years of experience in app development, and we strive everyday to better our services and to fulfil the different and distinctive needs of our clients from a myriad of niches. Over the years, we have developed sophisticated cross-platform apps for many industries.

Games and entertainment
Health Care
Social Network
Health and Wellness
Food and Grocery

Technology We Utilize

What Revolutionising Technologies Do We Use?

The latest technologies we use are one of the things that make us novel. We are backed by technologies and highly experienced developers who harness it to disrupt the mobile app development services industry. Here’s a gist of technologies that we use to create groundbreaking mobile and web apps.

Why Are We the Best Mobile App Development Agency in St. Louis?

Comprehensive understanding

We create an app according to your FUTURE business needs too. We research and understand your potential and your TAM (Total Addressable Market) to design the perfect app for you. This enables easy scalability and gives you the flexibility to further your business without worrying about your app.

Adept team

Our team of developers is highly experienced and constantly updates themselves with ongoing trends and developments. Having hands-on experience in developing all types of apps for clients from across the globe, gives us the technical edge.

Management and communication

We create an app according to your FUTURE business needs too. We research and understand your potential and your TAM (Total Addressable Market) to design the perfect app for you. This enables easy scalability and gives you the flexibility to further your business without worrying about your app.

Prowess in the field

We have seen it all! From utility-based apps to block chain based apps, we have proved our expertise in all. Various industries, different requirements and unique security and compliance, Digital Radium applies tried and tested development techniques, which work the best.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

Will a mobile app increase my business growth?

Absolutely, your audience is digital and by having an app you can extend to many markets and capitalise.

Will I be able to keep track of my business easily with an app?

With a sophisticated dashboard, you can monitor all the operations and take actions quickly. The real-time insights will help you keep track of your business.

Cross-platform vs native apps, which is better?

Native apps have more specific and offline features which is not entirely possible with cross-platform apps. Native apps give better user experience too.

What technologies do you use in mobile app development?

It depends on our clients’ requirements majorly. We generally use technologies like Swift, Java, Xamarin, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.

Will apps improve customer engagement and brand loyalty?

Mobile apps ensure constant contact with customers. Our apps give a lesser bounce rate and a user-friendly experience making switching to other apps difficult. With push notifications, quick load time and easy accessibility; you can get many loyal customers.