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Mobile App Design

The Problem

Olam is a global leader in the food and agribusiness industry, with its headquarters located in Singapore. With a sizable internal sales team, they aimed to develop a proprietary mobile application to streamline their sales operations. While they possessed the technical knowledge required to build such an application with complex workflows, they sought a creative mind capable of envisioning, streamlining, and creating elegant designs for it. This is where the exceptional UI/UX designers from Digital Radium stepped in to provide their creative expertise.

Our Solution

The team of UI/UX experts sat down with the architects and top minds at Olam to understand their requirements. Given the complexity of the workflow, which involved multiple touchpoints, the challenge was to ensure that we accommodated everything within the constraints of mobile screens while delivering a world-class user experience. Our experts diligently took notes, gathered their thoughts, engaged in brainstorming sessions, and produced low-fidelity sketches and screens.

Based on the feedback received, we refined our screens and then proceeded to create high-fidelity designs. In line with contemporary standards, we designed screens for both light and dark modes. Following development, Olam recognized the app's potential to become a mainstream business application and subsequently launched it on the AppStore and Play Store, thanks to our top-notch UI and user experience design.

Services Provided

  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development

Tools & Tech Used

  • MVVM
  • Kotlin
  • Android Native

Development Case Study

Mobile Application Design

UI Design, User Experience Design, Mobile App Design

Olam - Mobile Application Design

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