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With each passing year technology leaps another bound and grows exponentially. This creates a gap in the ecosystem. Large enterprises with deep pockets are able to afford new technologies, while small to medium enterprises are left confused. And we want to bring down that gap. We offer free consultation to such businesses and help them solve unique business challenges with state-of-the-art solutions.

In simple words, Digital Radium is a digital agency with expert consultants, analysts, and developers who can make your business leap bounds. From mobile app development to product engineering, eCommerce to digital marketing, we offer everything to improve the way your business is run. Want to talk? We’d love to talk to you.


Over the years, Digital Radium has partnered with various technology platforms and business solutions platforms. Our team is constantly improving and up-to-date on all such platforms. This enables us to help our clients with solutions that are best suited for them.

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Digital Radium successfully helped our team develop a user-friendly mobile app that interacted wirelessly with novel wearable hardware to meet an important deadline. They were extremely professional and worked diligently to ensure we were happy with the end product.

Dr. Christine O’Brien
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

We have been working with Digital Radium for our SEO needs and I am extremely satisfied with the results! Since partnering we have seen a significant increase in our search engine rankings and organic traffic to our Shopify website. Their team is very knowledgeable and responsive to all questions and feedback. They have provided me with beyond-excellent support throughout the process and we look forward to continuing to grow with them

Jeffrey King
Marketing Director at Triumph Systems

Digital Radium is an outstanding business partner. I used them for website development and not only were they able to deliver a high quality product in a very reasonable period of time, but they are responsive and supportive of any changes that have been requested. Additionally, the website development process was collaborative, allowing for a discussion of their expertise and my preferences enabling a product that we were both proud of.

Clint Overton
Founder at The Overton Group LLC

I’m no expert in the field, but they will just work magic. Our business was built on word of mouth in the beginning and that’s how commercial. Our digital presence wasn’t there on Google or any other place where people find companies. And that’s what Digital Radium did. They took us from zero presence to the number one ranking company

Marcus Tao
Co-Founder at STL Polyjack.

After working with the Digital Radium team for 6+ months and implementing a strong SEO strategy, our business is seeing highly increased Leads that we don't use ad spend for. We closed 3 record months and a big part of it is our Team at Digital Radium making sure we have our best presence online.

Michael McGowan
Founder at ATRSTL

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What makes us different?

Continuous improvement
Our team of experts is always learning and working on ways to serve our clients better. And this applies not just to our new clients but also to our existing clients. We constantly propose advanced solutions to our existing clientele and help them constantly improve just like we do.
Always collaborative
The usual norm is that clients provide companies with projects and tech companies complete the projects. Our culture is different. We always prefer collaboration with our clients over silos. This way we can solve as many problems for them as possible while learning and growing.
Attention to Detail
When it comes to curating digital experiences, we dig deep. We try to understand your business and workflows completely before kick-off. Our solutions are not one-off cures or temporary fixes. We look for long-term solutions that solve complex problems for your business and make sure that it stays that way.

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