Enable Seamless Work Across Departments With the Best Zoho Consulting Partners in the USA!

Zoho offers the best suite of software solutions to run your business. Be it small, medium, or large-scale enterprises, Zoho offers the right products to manage your entire business workflow. Their suite of solutions is economical and effective. All you need is the support of an authorized Zoho consulting partner who can help you analyze your business workflow, choose the right products and licensing, and implement them. That’s where Digital Radium’s expertise comes in handy.

Digital Radium implements customized Zoho solutions for any square of your business, including finances, human resources, sales, and marketing. As one of the Best Zoho Implementation Partners, our experts can analyze your business process and requirements and implement the Zoho solutions that are ideal for you.

We understand that not all businesses are the same and that not all business processes are identical. Therefore, an off-the-shelf solution might not be ideal for you. Hence, we can customize the Zoho solutions to fit your needs and make them work seamlessly for your business. Interested? Contact us today and get a seamless solution!

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    Services We Offer As Certified Zoho Consulting Partners

    Zoho Consultation

    Digital Radium will bring forth the ideal Zoho products to operate your business effectively. Our proficient Zoho experts offer cutting-edge Zoho solutions to improve your business processes and stand by your success. As certified Zoho consulting partners, we will comprehend your business intents and offer services based on that.

    Zoho Implementation

    Digital Radium has years of Zoho implementation experience. Our certified Zoho experts understand that consistent maintenance is essential for a company to thrive. To ensure the same we deliver impeccable solutions to you, we scrutinize several cycles of quality assurance and testing.

    Zoho Development

    We acknowledge the uniqueness of your business and then provide customized solutions that are tailored to your company objectives. Our expertise is capable of offering exceptional services in a short period of time. We select, we customize and we implement Zoho solutions that will change your business.

    Zoho Integration

    Our expert Zoho developers have years of experience in integrating Zoho solutions with third parties. As authorized Zoho consulting partners, we'll use a seamless process of data migration from your present application to the most recent Zoho platform. Be it anything, we can create custom integrations that will accomplish the needs.

    Zoho Support

    We understand that the work doesn’t end at implementation/integration. There is going to be a need for changes and a few glitches to fix. Our expert Zoho consultants are available for maintenance and support round-the-clock. We commit to upholding a competent client relationship all the way through.

    Zoho Training

    To ensure that your employees are comfortable using the Zoho applications, our expert Zoho developers offer the necessary training. Our Zoho consulting services include skilled instructors who can train at any level, from beginner to expert.

    Zoho Migration

    Digital Radium has hands-on experience in migration. Our expert team has made successful migrations from other applications/software to Zoho environments for various businesses. Want to migrate your data from other apps to Zoho? Leave it to us, we ensure that your data is migrated securely and help you reduce most of the tedious work.

    Zoho Managed Services

    We are capable of successfully handling a wide range of services. As Authorized Zoho Partners, we oversee the Zoho development, implementation, integration, support, and maintenance. We take of everything from day-to-day management to support, leaving you to focus on your core business functions.

    Zoho Licensing Support

    Zoho offers a wide selection of apps and bundles. Each bundle has a separate set of applications. It can be challenging to navigate the Zoho ecosystem. Our expert Zoho consultants will assist you in determining the best option for your business requirements and will assist you in obtaining the required licenses at the right price.

    Industries We Serve

    We have a long history of implementing Zoho products, and we go above and beyond each day to enhance our services and satisfy the specialized demands that our clients have across numerous industries. Over the years, we have successfully implemented the Zoho solution across numerous sectors.

    B2B AND B2C








    Some of the Zoho Solutions That Are Most Demanded and We Have Expertise At,

    Digital Radium has significant working experience with several Zoho solutions. The following Zoho solutions can be implemented and customized with the help of our Certified Zoho Consulting Partners for your needs.

    Zoho CRM

    Our Certified Zoho Developers can customize Zoho CRM, integrate its add-ons, and migrate data from other applications to Zoho CRM. We can support you in managing and preventing the loss of your leads, prospects, or loyal customers. You can track sales activity effectively and generate more leads in addition to closing more agreements.

    Zoho One

    Designing a one-stop shop with all important Zoho applications bundled all together. We create cutting-edge Zoho One Solutions to assist you in managing your work order process more effectively, boosting overall business productivity, providing better client experiences, and much more.

    Zoho Books

    Our developers have experience in customizing accounting solution that automates transactional feed updates to your bank accounts and keeps track of expenditures by combining Zoho Books with small and medium-sized business third-party accounting software. It's a single, secure place where you can keep track of your company's financial data

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics enables you to effortlessly create and analyze data. Our Zoho Certified Developers accomplish data warehousing efficiently, resulting in relevant reports and analytics that can be accessed in real-time on a single dashboard. This allows you to make more informed decisions which might enhance the company's bottom line.

    Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform in which you can design, build, and manage any business software you require. Our Zoho Certified Consultants will assign special business workflows and rules that are most suitable for your company's requirements.

    Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk enables you to streamline agent productivity, provide enduring customer experiences, and simplify customer service operations. We can help you get started with Zoho desk support. You can serve clients better, provide superior solutions, and make sensible operational decisions with seamless integration.

    Zoho People

    Zoho People is a cloud-based human resource management software. Our Certified Zoho Developers work with you to connect your employee data to Zoho People so that you can automate all of your HR procedures and keep track of employee productivity, attendance, and more. We empower you in implementing innovation throughout your business.

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho Sites is a simple website builder that allows you to create stunning websites quickly and effortlessly. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we assist customers with the implementation and support of this solution, which does not involve any prior IT expertise or programming knowledge to operate.

    Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense is one of the well-known online cost reporting tools that streamline your financial operations to speed up the generation of new revenue. This technology makes it possible to automate expenditure reporting, issue prompt reimbursements, and streamline approval processes. You can deal with these reports more quickly with the push of a mouse.

    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It has inventory management modules such as lot traceability, vendor-managed inventory, and reporting and analysis. Chat with our Zoho Certified Experts to learn how Zoho Inventory can help you optimize your inventory management operations

    How We as a Certified Zoho Partner Helps Your Business With Zoho's Suite of Solutions?

    We treat your business as if it were our own. We prioritize developing long-term partnerships with them. Because we are certain that our clients will recognize the value we bring to their businesses over time. We do not act as a one-time partner who departs before the success of our client's company. The steps we take to improve your business are listed below.


    Digital Radium goes over and beyond to ensure our clients' success. Our Zoho Certified Consultants will guide you in choosing the ideal Zoho applications or bundles for your business. We also provide feedback and effective strategies to organizations in order to increase their efficiency or profitability in specific areas.


    Every aspect of your business can benefit from the Zoho application, including sales, marketing, collaboration, and human resources. After consulting with you, our Authorized Zoho Experts will thoroughly analyze and research to provide you with the ideal Zoho application that suits your company.


    The next process is to purchase licenses for the identified Zoho applications. Our Authorized Zoho Partners involve helping you obtain these licenses at the best price and bundles. We will provide guidance in choosing the package or specific apps that will best suit the demands of the business. Once done, we can work on customizations as per your business workflow. 


    Our Certified Zoho developers will guarantee a smooth implementation and make customizations if necessary. With years of experience, Digital Radium can implement solutions that are customized to the requirement of each client. We are a team of authorized Zoho consulting partners who can help you with successful implementations, for our track record spells success.


    We provide seamless data migration from your current application to the new Zoho solution and integrate any third-party application for the effective administration of your business processes. For organizations to ensure efficient workflow, our team is committed to providing the right Zoho solutions


    Our involvement doesn't end with implementation. Our Certified Zoho Developers will provide you and your employees with the necessary training to use the newly integrated Zoho applications. We provide training with care in order to ensure that post-implementation your team utilizes every tool effectively.


    Our Certified Zoho Consultants will provide 24 x 7 support even after implementation. It is our responsibility to identify your company's priorities and endeavour to accomplish them. We offer ongoing maintenance and assistance. We value our client relationships and invite them to consult with our professionals.

    Why Choose Zoho For Your Business?

    Zoho products are one of the best business solutions suitable for both small and big businesses. Zoho has 40-plus innovative software products that can help your business. All of these products can function with one another and can also work as standalone apps, this allows you to integrate Zoho apps into your business.

    The Zoho Corporation has an enormous selection of stand-alone business applications that cover a wide range of functions, including inventory management, communication, and collaboration. They have also assembled apps into specific bundles to make them easily available. Each bundle has a different set of applications. Navigating the Zoho ecosystem can be a little tricky. Contact us if you need assistance choosing which Zoho bundle best suits your business ’ needs.

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    Who owns the customizations built on Zoho Solutions?

    All the customizations built on top of existing Zoho solutions are the sole property of the Zoho developer/license owner. The apps/solutions are completely rebranded under the name of the license owner. Moreover, the customizations contain business workflow that changes based on each business and its service model. Hence, they own the applications/customizations and the end user wouldn't be able to see or access it. 

    What are the Zoho applications that can be implemented by Digital Radium?

    As stated before, Digital Radium has a team of Certified Zoho Consultants/Partners who can implement any solutions/module into your system. We are simply in the business of implementing anything and everything under the Zoho umbrella and there is nothing short of that. 

    Be it any facet of your business such as finance, marketing, sales, etc. Zoho has a solution to offer and we have the expertise to implement it. 

    I am interested in getting Zoho One License. If there are any new applications by Zoho which would be useful for my business, would that be a part of my Zoho One License?

    In short, No. Zoho Corporation is ever expanding with new applications/solutions launching every now and then. However, Zoho doesn't guarantee that all future applications would be part of the Zoho One suite. If the launched application is part of the Zoho One Suite, it would automatically show up on your Zoho One dashboard. 

    However, if it is not you don't have to worry about it. Zoho licenses are the cheapest in the market and adding one more useful application to your billing wouldn't be a big burden on your purse. Contact us to know more in detail about licensing and other processes. 

    I use a third party app for a business function. Can I manage the same from my Zoho Dashboard?

    It is not feasible at this point in time. If you have any third-party applications in your business workflow, you have to manage them from the particular application interface. 

    However, if you are looking for third-party app integrations with Zoho, we can look into that possibility. Even, if there are no ready-made solutions, we can create a custom API integration and work with your third-party app seamlessly. 

    Contact Digital Radium – The Certified Zoho Consultants for third-party integrations. 

    Why Choose Digital Radium As Your Certified Zoho Consulting Partner?

    At Digital Radium, we understand and comprehend the fact that every business is unique, and that there isn't a single, universal solution. We make sure to carefully analyze each of your requirements and offer you solutions right up your alley. Our expert Zoho developers are professionals who have worked with Zoho to develop these products, so they are familiar with all the details and complexities involved. Be it any Zoho solution you want to integrate with your business, our experts can help you out with it.

    With the aim of building long-lasting partnerships with our clients, we strive to offer business value. We are not just concerned with accomplishing the task at hand and moving on. As a result, we go above and beyond to make certain that every one of our clients is satisfied with the services we offer.

    Are you looking for a Certified Zoho Partner to implement and use Zoho solutions? Contact Digital Radium - Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Zoho Needs.

    Quick Turnaround

    We follow the most optimal procedures to launch robust products in a fast-paced market at record time efficiency.

    End-to-End Services

    From ideation to visualization of the project to maintenance, our experts take care of the entire process.

    Round the Clock Support

    Our work constitutes round-the-clock support to ensure your product is up and running all the time with zero issues.