How We Migrated Blogs from WordPress to Contentful?

WordPress has been the go-to choice for many but it is not a bed of roses. Managing your content, especially when it is high in number, can be very difficult in WordPress. Here is where Contentful steps in to make content management easy and flexible for you.

Contentful lets you manage the content without relying on the technical team. Because of this Contentful development companies like us are recommending WordPress Contentful Migration for many who manages a ton of content on their site.

But, we know you might be wondering how to migrate from WordPress to Contentful. To help you out with this, we are always here!

To give you a bit of an example, let's get into how we migrated over 1000 blogs from WordPress to Contentful without any hiccups.

Migrating from WordPress to Contentful

It is difficult to migrate every single blog one by one and it is not feasible for obvious reasons. For a feasible way for WordPress Contentful Migration, we created a WordPress instance in which we migrated blogs in a set of batches in the CSV format.

Let's go through the steps as to how we migrated these blogs.

Step 1: To make the migration process easy, we installed the third-party plugin to download the blogs in a CSV format with the custom field we required.

Step 2: Every blog is compiled in bathes and categorized with a common Tag ID like in the below picture

Step 3: Once this is done, we configured the blog structure with the required fields like below.

Step 4: Now we can download the imported blogs in a CSV format with all the required fields for a structured blog template.

While doing so, it is vital to note that we have to map every single field of the existing blog and match the same in the Contentful. This is the part that should be difficult for many but is vital to do that as we said.

Once we made sure everything was set in place, we imported all the necessary blogs with the same process.

Now, All that is left is to upload the CSV file with the custom-developed content app in Contentful and we have successfully finished the process of WordPress Contentful Migration

But wait a sec. Why do you need a custom Contentful app in the first place? Let's discuss this in detail now.

Why We Developed a Custom Content App in Contentful?

Contentful lets you build a custom template for your blog articles in which you have the ability to add/remove any field that you would want from the slug, table of contents and so much more.

Before we develop, It is imperative to develop a custom application that prioritizes search engine optimization (SEO) friendliness, incorporating essential SEO meta tags and that is exactly what we did.

Because of that, we developed the custom application having SEO in mind. With relevant meta tags such as titles, descriptions, and so on, the content becomes more discoverable in the search engine. You can refer to the picture below for better understanding.

Not only that, if you are to optimize your content, you should be able to edit and manage the meta tags without relying on the technical team. This was made possible thanks to the custom app that our Contentful developers built!

Additionally, to make sure we have all the required fields we had before and to accommodate new ones, our team made sure we had all the fields necessary.

Can You Migrate from Contentful to WordPress on Your Own?

Contentful is a simple CMS with tons of great features that let you have control over the content and some design elements.

However, migrating from Contentful to WordPress on your own is not recommended. There are times when you could receive some mismatching errors in the field we discussed before.

Addressing these issues would require the expertise of WordPress development company. Sometimes Contentful developers too, depending on the error you might face.

So if you are contemplating migrating from WordPress to Contentful, we are here to help you! We can help you migrate without worrying about any worries. We have cemented ourselves as one of the best Content development companies you can rely on!

How WordPress Contentful Migration Can Benefit You?

This particular migration can aid in several ways. Let us fill you in on some of the reasons why you should consider Contentful migration.

You Want to Ease Up Your Content Management

Contentful lets you and your team be completely independent from the technical team. Moreover, as we discussed earlier, you can edit and manage your content in a much easier manner. So, yeah, you can just focus on creating engaging content rather than how you manage the content!

You Need More Collaboration

With contentful your team can just leave a comment on the specific element or content like you would on a document. This helps you to improve the communication and collaboration between your team.

You Seek a Flexible & Scalable Solution

You can adapt your content strategy with a trending template effortlessly as your business grows or expands. Once you are satisfied with a single template you can just publish and manage your content on the same template without spending much time.


As we mentioned earlier, these are just some of the ways contentful migration can benefit you as it boasts a ton more up its sleeve.

So if you have a content-heavy website and want to migrate, you can reach out to us. With our years of experience, we hold the crown for the Best Contentful Development Company!

Reach out and let's grab a cup of joe to discuss your needs now!


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