Destigmatizing Industrial Hemp For Farmers With Saluna


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The Problem

Saluna, an agricultural research company, promotes industrial hemp as a superior alternative to traditional seeds like corn and soybeans. Targeting Midwest and Southern farmers, Saluna highlights hemp's higher yields. However, there is a stigma around Hemp since it is often viewed as analogous to its sister THC. They were in need of a website that aims to educate and encourage farmers to adopt hemp, showcasing its benefits and clarifying misconceptions.

Our Solution

Digital Radium wanted to take up this challenge, inspired by their mission to destigmatize Industrial Hemp. The first thing we wanted to nail down was the content which is of utmost important. We focused on the history of Industrial hemp along with how the idea for Saluna seeds came to conception. To be more convicing, we then focused on design that radiates colors and elements that support the cause.

Saluna had the need to launch their website soon to start combating the stigma. Our developers and QA team ensured that the site was developed in WordPress right down to the tiniest details. Post-launch, Saluna attended a lot of events where they proudly showcase their website that boasts the importance/advantages of their seeds. 

Information Architecture


Here’s What We Did


Services Provided

  • UI/UX
  • Content
  • Web Development

Tools & Tech Used

  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress

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