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The Problem

ATRSTL is a premium after-market automotive service and installation center based in St. Louis. They recognized the importance of establishing a digital presence and had initially built a website using Wix. However, their Wix site was templated and outdated. Additionally, they utilized for client management. The integration between their website and the platform was facilitated through Zapier, incurring significant monthly expenses. They sought to upgrade their website to a modern design while simultaneously reducing recurring costs associated with Zapier.

Our Solution

Digital Radium initiated the process by redesigning the website to give it a more modern and sophisticated appearance, in line with the demands of the contemporary era. To enhance both functionality and elegance, we successfully migrated the ATRTSL website from the Wix platform to WordPress. This migration provided our developers with greater creative freedom in terms of design and functionality.

Our team's expertise proved invaluable when we aimed to remove Zapier from the equation. We developed a custom integration between and WordPress to effectively manage their leads, eliminating the need for subscription-based third-party plugins. This approach will result in substantial cost savings for ATRSTL over the years, as our integration is a one-time investment and a permanent solution.

Presently, we are collaborating with ATRSTL to enhance their marketing efforts and generate more leads, contributing to their growth.

Services Provided

  • Website Migration
  • Website Integration
  • UI/UX
  • Web Development
  • SEO

Tools & Tech Used

  • PHP, WordPress
  • Google Analytics

Client Testimonial

STL Polyjack Marcus

Michael McGowan

Founder at ATRSTL

After working with the Digital Radium team for 6+ months and implementing a strong SEO strategy, our business is seeing highly increased Leads that we don’t use ad spend for. We closed 3 record months and a big part of it is our Team at Digital Radium making sure we have our best presence online.

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Website Design, Website Development, Website Migration, Website Integration


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