How AI and Immersive Tech Will Impact eCommerce in 2024

The convergence of AI and Immersive tech will be the future of online shopping. This duo (or dare I say, a perfect pair) is set to redefine the way we browse, select, and purchase products online.

Before getting into all the details of 'how', are you ready to hear some interesting stats? AI in retail is expected to grow by a whopping $24.1 Billion by 2028. That number is insane and with this data, we can safely say that the AI is here to stay, no doubt.

So, how AI and Immersive tech will impact eCommerce in 2024? Let's find them out together now.

Trends in eCommerce With the Convergence of AI and Immersive Tech - 2024

Trying Before You Buy

Many people have a huge headache when it comes to buying online. It is because of the fact that you can't see the product to see how it'll be good in real life. This is the case, especially for sunglasses and apparel items. This is where immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) come to the rescue.

With AR you can literally see for yourselves how the sunglasses, clothes, or whatnot look on yourself in real time. The AR uses advanced technology to map the structure of your face and body to give you a realistic look with your choice of product.

So, in 2024 you can just choose the clothes, sunglasses, or any lipstick shade you want without ever trying them on physically!

24/7 Customer Support

Ever wished for a shopping assistant available 24/7 to answer all your queries? We know you and many eCommerce owners did! You don't have to wish anymore as this has just become a reality!

You might have already seen that there are instant chatbots implemented in many eCommerce websites. These AI chatbots can answer your customer's queries with a pre-defined set of questions and answers.

For example, if a customer wishes to know whether you will ship to their location, they can just simply ask the bot rather than adding to product to the cart or checking with their PIN code and so on. This is one of the great features that modern tech has enabled for eCommerce players.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Can you imagine an online shopping experience where every click, every search, and every purchase is a personalized journey just for you? Well, in 2024, this is no longer a distant dream but a reality with the help of AI and advanced technology we are witnessing today.

eCommerce platforms are relying on AI to better understand the consumer behavior on your website. These invaluable insights can drive hyper-personalized shopping experiences, presenting users with product recommendations tailored to their unique tastes and based on past interactions.

Smart Inventory Management

You would've already known that AI can analyze and predict customer behavior based on valuable data. With quality data, platforms can now predict when your products will be in demand, so you can ensure you have them all ready.

Moreover, with AI, you won't have over-storing or shortage of products because of the precise prediction.

Image & Voice Search

According to Statista, the number of voice assistants is going to reach 8.4 billion by 2024 from 4.2 billion in 2023. This is a huge number and hey, the numbers don't lie!

With voice search, users can multitask while placing orders, inquire about product details hands-free, and even receive personalized recommendations – all by engaging in a conversation with their virtual shopping assistant.

If you've already used image search using Google Lens, you will know the significance and convenience that it offers. You can literally find any product you want given you have an image of it. Adding to this, you can also find similar products, if you wish to settle for another brand or for a better pricing one.

Retargeting Campaigns

With N number of marketing tools and all that the process of collecting intricate data of consumers isn't hard. What is hard to do is that, running effective re-targeting campaigns and many companies fell short in this.

With AI, you can use tools like, to target those who have visited but haven't closed a purchase on your site. This is very effective for all eCommerce businesses.

Pricing Optimization

Deciding the pricing of your products includes numerous factors from the price of the competitors to shipping and all. Moreover, according to the market demand you have to change the pricing every now and then to close more sales. Here is where AI can do wonders for you!

AI can now analyze the market demand for your product and optimize the pricing accordingly. This is called Dynamic pricing and popular eCommerce giant, Amazon relies on this feature for their products as well.

Sustainable Solution

Do you know that 74% of the people care about sustainability? This number is only going to get increased and it's time to buckle up for this and AI can aid you here.

How do you ask? It's simple really. Remember we talked about how AI can reduce overstocking? By having an optimal amount of stock you are not only saving money and storage but also reducing waste. Moreover, AI can better package your product with the right amount of materials and can find the best route for delivery to reduce emissions. Hey, we gotta reduce the carbon footprint, yes?!

Closing Thoughts,

AI is here to stay and is a bandwagon that is worth sought after. As your reliable eCommerce development company, we strongly believe that it is a wise decision to make a jump into it.

Embracing these technological advancements will not only keep your businesses competitive but also redefine the very essence of online shopping, making it more interactive and personalized than ever before.

If you need any help in integrating essential AI tools into your eCommerce store, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We'll get it done in a jiffy!


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