Computer Vision based Mobile Application


Triumph Systems is a manufacturer of shooting targets and training systems based in St. Louis, MO. Their mission is to make firearm training accessible to users of all levels, promoting responsible firearm use among Americans. They sought to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) shooting application that offers users a safe and immersive dry fire training experience. The app should allow users to practice their shooting skills using a mobile device and a laser gun, simulating a realistic shooting environment with virtual targets and interactive scenarios. 

Our Process

After carefully analyzing Triumph Systems' requirements, Digital Radium brainstormed and conceived the idea of utilizing Open Computer Vision (OpenCV). With OpenCV as our foundation, we developed a mobile app from scratch to facilitate dry fire training in the comfort of users' own spaces.

The app incorporates a proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithm that collaborates with OpenCV to determine shot placement and assess user performance based on factors such as speed, total time, accuracy, and precision. It also collects user data to track progress and aid in training improvement. Currently, the app is available on the App Store, with an Android version in development.

Furthermore, we are actively researching and developing different training modes, including live fire and shot timer, to provide a comprehensive firearm training experience in the palm of your hand.